I cannot say enough about how amazing our experience has been with Steele Pain Management. A year ago we were facing saying goodbye to our 8 year old shepherd Kora, we had an appointment with Dr. Baird as a last ditch effort and very little hope. Now Kora is not only surviving but thriving. Kora’s primary vet staff said she seems more comfortable and more energetic than she has in years. I still cannot believe what a difference the pain management and rehab protocols had made in our lives. Kora also absolutely loves going to rehab, when we pull in the parking lot she reacts with the same excitement that she does when she sees me put my running shoes on.
Kora’s younger brother Moose was also just diagnosed with ortho issues, we are now confidently prepared with resources so started him with preventative rehab a few weeks ago.
We are so grateful to Dr. Baird, Ashley, Brooke, Libby, Miranda, and all of the staff at Steele Pain Management for the difference they have made in our lives as well as anyone else who chooses their care. It is worth it.
– Kora B.

My dog Luna had cruciate ligament surgery. I was strongly advised to get her into rehab by people at the dog training club I go to, Steele was recommended to me by a dog trainer I work with. Luna had her first appointment three days after surgery, and I couldn’t have chosen a better place. Dr. Baird immediately assessed Luna’s pain and set up a pain treatment plan for her. She adjusted the Luna’s pain meds which helped a great deal with Luna’s pain. This was in addition to twice weekly visits and a home protocol for me to follow. Luna has since moved on to the physical therapy phase of her recovery. Ashley, the physical therapy assistant is professional, knowledgeable, and kind. She takes the time to communicate Luna’s progress and answer any questions I have. Luna has come a long way with Dr. Baird’s and Ashley’s help. I have already recommended Steele to several people I know.
– Sharon P.

Our puppy Boo started working with Ashley at Steele Pain Center October 2022. He taking medication for pain in both hips and had difficulty walking. Our breeder recommended Steele Pain Center to us.

Boo was 6 months old. His progress has been a testament to the caring and professionalism of “Steele Pain Center.” Their’s, Boo and the exercises they gave me for home has paid off.
Boo has developed muscles to support his hips, give him the balance he needs to be pain free. Boo enjoys being a very spoiled. Playing with our two other dogs, doing zoomies, swimming, long walks on cool mornings and just being one happy puppy.

We are winding down on visiting “SPC” but will continue to have him monitor. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done to help our puppy. I have shown the results to our regular veterinary at West Lake Animal Hospital. She is now recommending other clients to take their dog to “SPC” if they have similar concerns.
– Joy H.

Steele Pain Management is an amazing place. Dr. Baird and her staff can make lame pets walk and even run again!
In August, my 9 ½ year old rescue dog, martini, had an unexplained accident, his left hip bone had come out of its socket. The injury would require surgery. Dr. Perez in Sarasota performed the operation an FHO. The injury would require rest and then rehab for Martini to be able to walk on 4 legs once again.
When Martini was ready, Dr. Baird took over Martini’s care. Rehab consisted an initial assessment, pain management, laser therapy, TENS/NMES therapy, massage, range of motion exercises, underwater treadmill, etc., etc.
Much to my surprise, Martini loved going to PT. Martini attended 2xs per week for approximately 7 weeks. After a few weeks, Martini was actually pulling me in the front door, eager to begin his day with his new friends.
Steele Pain Management is like no other vet’s office I have ever been in. There is a feeling of intense love for animals and a place for miracles.
Thank you Dr. Baird and staff (especially Ashley and Brooke.)
– Barbara R.B.

Our chocolate labrador, Noelle Grace (Ellie Grace), was diagnosed with Canine Geriatric Onset Laryngeal Paralysis Polyneuropathy and we thought for sure we would be saying our good byes much too soon. We figured with such a debilitating disease, surely palliative care was our only option. Our knowledge about therapy treatments was limited until we met Dr. Baird and her team of specialists. Soon our Ellie Grace went from not being able to walk to chasing rabbits and pulling us around on her leash. She has benefited tremendously from a rotation of underwater treadmill therapy , acupuncture, laser treatment, medical and nutritional supplements and treatments. Although her time may be limited, her quality of life has not waivered since receiving therapy and she wouldn’t be here with us today, without the sincere care and treatment she has received. Therapy has given us that “extra time” we all wish we had with our four-legged family member.
– C. & A.

Dr. Baird and her staff have been incredible with my 13yo dog, Seamus. Seamus has had bilateral cruciate surgical repairs, and has hip dysplasia with some significant muscle wasting. He has been having twice weekly laser and underwater treadmill sessions, and I’m seeing a significant difference in him, as are friends and family (unprompted!) who don’t see him on a daily basis. He’s less hesitant to stand from a lying position, and he’s just happier and more comfortable.

Special thanks to Valerie and Sarah, who do an incredible job working with my stubborn dog! They provide progress updates, answer any questions, and they love him so much. As I’m in the field as well, I can tell you that I trust them. My weird dog is nervous and this is the only place besides the beach and Nana’s house that he ENJOYS going!

Dr. Baird did an extremely thorough workup at Seamus’ initial consult, and came highly recommended to me by multiple local DVMs. This is SO worth it!!

Forever grateful to all Country Oaks and Steele Pain Center staff,
– Lauren S.